Let’s Go Shopping Game

Let's Go Shopping Game

A fun game for teaching shopping-related sentences and vocabulary.

This game accompanies the Let’s Go Shopping song from Sing and Play Purple.

Prepare the Game: Glue backing sheets to the shopping carts, shopping lists, and game pieces, and cut them out. If you can, laminate each item for increased durability.

Play the Game: Pass out one shopping cart and one shopping list to each student,
and place the shopping items face-down in the middle of the playing area.

Players take turns drawing an item from the middle, and checking to see if that item is on their shopping list. If it is, then the player places that item in their shopping cart. If not, the player returns the item to the middle. The first player to fill their shopping cart wins!

As the children draw cards to check their shopping list, have them practice their language skills.
For younger learners, simply saying the item’s name is fine. However, if your children are able, have them practice sentences such as “I need/don’t need ___,” “I want/don’t want ___,” “I have/don’t have ___,” or whatever you can think of that is appropriate for their skill level. Asking the students questions is a good way to keep the game fresh and interactive.