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Sing and Play Blue - Songs for Learning

Fun, Easy to Teach Songs for Young Learners and the ESL / EFL Classroom

Sing and Play Blue CD

About Sing and Play Blue

Sing and Play Blue features fun and easy to learn songs for preschool, kindergarten and the ESL classroom. Works best with children 2 to 5 years old.

If you are looking for something new and fresh to use in your classes, this is it! Teachers and kids love our unique and original songs like “Cut the Carrot”. Children pretend to cut (with toys) as they sing along!

*Click on song titles to view teacher’s videos, lyrics, resources and more for each individual song.

Click Title for More Info Preview Song Description
01. Good Morning
Fun good morning song with lots of actions.
02. The Parachute Dance
Actions song.
03. Seven Steps
Counting to seven.
04. Head and Shoulders
Learn body parts.
05. Ten Fat Sausages
Counting to ten.
06. Three Jellyfish
Prepositions and counting.
07. The Walking Song
Actions song.
08. The Feelings Song
Feelings and actions.
09. The Hammer Song
Simple counting song.
10. Spider Song
Classic nursery rhyme.
11. Cut the Carrot
Learn fruit and vegetables.
12. Touch Your Head
Actions song.
13. How Many Fingers?
Counting to ten.
14. Days of the Week
Learn days of the week.
15. One Little Finger
Practice body parts.
16. Jack in the Box
Actions song.
17. Yummy Vegetables
Learn vegetable vocabulary.
18. Can You Jump?
Actions song.
19. Eyes Nose Mouth and Ears
Learn body parts.
20. Octopus
Actions and prepositions.
21. B.B.Q
Learn food vocabulary.
22. Butterfly
Learn insects.
23. Good Bye Everyone
Goodbye song with actions.
24. Yummy Vegetables ~ Karaoke
Practice different vegetables.
25. Head and Shoulders ~ Karaoke
Practice different body parts.

S&P Blue in the Classroom!