New Video: Halloween Activities!

Halloween is coming soon! Need some ideas? Watch the video for simple, fun and easy Halloween activities and Games. Visit the Resource Library for Halloween flashcards, worksheets, crafts and more.

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New Video: Halloween Coloring Pages!

Let’s draw and color a witch, vampire, monster and Jack o’ lantern! Download these and more Halloween resources from our Resource Library.

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New Video: Wicked Wendy!

Let’s play the Wicked Wendy game! Can you find what Wicked Wendy forgot?

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New Video: Ten Fat Sausages!

Ten Fat Sausages is a simple and fun nursery rhyme to practice numbers and counting. Download worksheets and more resources for this song in the Resource Library.

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New App: Whose Eyes

Learn animal names with this fun guessing game app for kids! A great classroom activity for teachers but easy enough for young learners to play alone.

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We Bring Songs to Life ♫

Why do kids love our songs and ask for them again and again?

Our unique blend of music and realia (objects from real life) will get even the most shy, unwilling children hooked, participating and singing along.