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Sing and Learn Orange

Fun, Easy to Teach Songs for Young Learners and the ESL / EFL Classroom

Sing and Learn Orange

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01. The Greetings Song
Simple and Fun Hello Song
02. What's your Name?
Learn to Say Your Name
03. Alphabet Sounds
Phonics and the Alphabet
04. The Color Song
What's Your Favorite Color?
05. The Vowel Song
Vowels and Three Letter Words
06. What Do You Like to Do?
Verbs + What Do You Like
07. Days of the Week
Learn Days of the Week
08. The Ice Cream Song
What's Your Favorite Flavor?
09. Seasons
Learn the Four Seasons
10. On In Under By
Prepositions of Place
11. Months
Months of the Year
12. Jump Around!
Animals and Actions
13. Cheeks and Chin
Learn Body Parts
14. What Time Is It?
Learn to Tell the Time
15. Finger Family
Family Members and Feelings
16. I'm H.A.P.P.Y.
Feelings + I Am
17. If You're Happy
Feelings and Actions
18. In Front of Behind Between
Prepositions of Place
19. What Do You Want to Do?
Verbs + Want to Do
20. Where Are You From?
Countries of the World
21. Marty Moose Theme Song
Marty Likes to Party
22. Time to Say Good Bye
Goodbye Song with Actions
23. What's Your Name? (Karaoke Version)
Learn to Say Your Name
24. The Vowel Song (Karaoke Version)
Vowels and Three Letter Words
25. Months (Karaoke Version)
Months of the year

About Sing and Learn Orange

Sing and Learn Orange features easy to learn education songs for kindergarten, elementary age children and the ESL / EFL classroom. With a big scoop of creativity and a sprinkle of silly, we make learning incredibly fun. So, you’re sure to have instant hits that kids will ask for again and again.

Sing and Play Orange makes learning abstract concepts (such as prepositions), hard to remember vocabulary and longer sentence patterns easy and fun. Children and parents love our silly twist on classic songs and catchy original tunes. Corresponding teacher / classroom videos, activity sheets, coloring pages, lesson ideas and more are available on our website.

All of our music is created and tested in-house by experienced teachers at our well-established language school in Japan. Kids learn best when they don’t realize that they’re learning. Our materials are often inspired by natural play and interaction in the classroom. Having received wonderful feedback from parents and teachers worldwide, we’re confident your children will enjoy Sing and Play Green as much as ours do!

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