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Sing and Play Purple - Songs for Learning

Fun, Easy to Teach Songs for Young Learners and the ESL / EFL Classroom

Sing and Play Purple

About Sing and Play Purple

Sing and Play Purple features fun and easy to learn songs for kindergarten, elementary age children and the ESL / EFL classroom. Works best with children 5 to 8 years old.

If you are looking for something new and fresh to use in your classes, this is it! Teachers and kids love our unique and original songs like “Magic Wand”. Children make a magic wand craft and use it as they sing along to the “Magic Wand” song!. Corresponding teacher / classroom videos, activity sheets, coloring pages, lesson ideas and more are available in our resource library.

*Click on song titles to view teacher’s videos, lyrics, resources, and more for each individual song.

Click Title for More Info Preview Song Description
01. H.E.L.L.O.
Fun song for starting class with basic spelling.
02. I’m Hungry
Food song.
03. Let’s Make a Sandwich
Making a sandwich. (Sing and Play)
04. Hop Little Rabbit
Actions and nature.
05. The Snail Song
Learn body parts. (Sing and Play)
06. Magic Wand #1
Frog, train, elephant, and helicopter. (Sing and Play)
07. The Wheels on the Bus
Classic nursery rhyme song.
08. Let’s Go Shopping #1
Shopping locations.
09. I Can Hop
Actions and animals.
10. The Circle Song
Actions song.
11. We’re Going on a Picnic
Learn about food.
12. The Elephant Dance
Actions and body parts.
13. H.A.P.P.Y.
Basic spelling. (Sing and Play)
14. Magic Wand #2
Grasshopper, bicycle, dinosaur, and chicken. (Sing and Play)
15. I Want Stew
Food and ingredients.
16. Brush Your Teeth
Hygiene song. (Sing and Play)
17. Eyebrows Up!
Body parts. (Sing and Play)
18. I Love Fruit
Learn fruit.
19. I Can See a Rainbow
Learn colors.
20. Let’s Go Shopping #2
Shopping places and locations.
21. Telescope
Animals and objects. (Sing and Play)
22. We Had Fun
Fun song for ending class.
23. The Wheels on the Bus ~ Karaoke
Practice different actions.
24. We’re Going on a Picnic ~ Karaoke
Practice different foods.
25. I Can See a Rainbow ~ Karaoke
Practice different colors.

S&P Purple in the Classroom!