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Sing and Play Green - Songs for Learning

Fun, easy to teach songs for young learners and the ESL / EFL classroom

About Sing and Play Green

Sing and Play Green features fun and easy to learn songs for preschool, kindergarten and the ESL classroom. Works best with children 3 to 5 years old.

If you are looking for something new and fresh to use in your classes, this is it! Teachers and kids love our unique and original songs like “Let’s Make a Pizza”. Children make a pizza (with cut outs) as they sing along!

*Click on song titles to view teacher’s videos, lyrics, resources, and more for each individual song.

Click Title for More Info Preview Song Description
01. Let’s Shake Hands
Fun hello song with lots of actions.
02. The ABC Party
ABC Song with time to play and dance.
03. Big Big Big
Learn animals and adjectives.
04. Open Close
Open and shut body parts.
05. Shake Shake
Shake body parts.
06. Tell Me Tell Me
Practice colors and review vocabulary.
07. How’s The Weather?
Weather song.
08. Let’s Be Planes
Transportation song.
09. The Animal Song
Learn animals and actions.
10. Forest Dance
Forest animals and actions.
11. Let’s Go To The Farm
Learn farm animal vocabulary.
12. Three Ladybugs
Numbers and actions.
13. The Beach
Learn sea creatures.
14. Let’s Make a Pizza
Food vocabulary and actions.
15. I Love Sweets
Learn sweets vocabulary.
16. Skidamarinkidink
Times of day.
17. The Balloon Song
Colors and prepositions.
18. Can You Play The Drums?
Body parts / prepositions / actions.
19. Jump Up High!
Actions song.
20. The Clean Up Song
Clean up song / transition song.
21. Teddy Bear
High energy actions song.
22. Good Bye Friends
Good bye song with lots of fun actions.
23. Tell Me Tell Me ~ Karaoke
Review more colors and vocabulary.
24. Shake Shake ~ Karaoke
Shake different body parts.
25. Can You Play The Drums?
Play the drums on different body parts.

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