Where’s Marty? Game

A fun game for practicing places that can be used with either the Let’s Go Shopping Song Flashcards or the Places Flashcards.

This resource accompanies the Let’s Go Shopping song from Sing and Play Purple.

Prepare the Game: There are six cards: one with Marty Moose, six (6) that say, “No!” and one with Wendy Witch. Glue the backing sheet to the page that contains the cards. Cut out the cards, and laminate them for durability.

Play the Game: Lay up to eight (8) flashcards down face-up, and place Marty Moose under one, Wendy Witch under one, and the “No!” cards under the rest. You can also place them next to, on, or on top of the flashcards face-down.

The goal is to find Marty Moose! One by one, ask the children, “Where’s Marty?” and have them respond with, “At the _____!” or whatever target language you wish to use. Then look to see who’s at the place that was guessed. If the card says, “No!” then reset the card and proceed to the next child. If the card is Wendy Witch, give out a small, “Boo!” or a small, playful pinch. “Oh, no!” If the card is Marty Moose, reward the child with a high five or other small treat. Once Marty has been found, shuffle the cards, add or remove flashcards, and reset.

You may choose to use points to keep track of a winner. In this case, Marty Moose counts as one (1) point, and Wendy Witch counts as negative one (-1) points.