Vehicle Dominoes Game

A fun game for practicing animals and “have/don’t have” syntax!

This game accompanies Let’s Be Planes from Sing and Play Green.

Prepare the Dominos: Glue copies of the last page in the PDF to the backs of the vehicle domino sheets. Cut out the dominos and laminate them for stability.

Play the Game: Pass out the dominos until every player has an equal number. Begin the game by placing a domino on the table. Pick one side, and ask the player if he or she has a domino with a matching vehicle (e.g. “Do you have an airplane?”).

If the answer is no (“No, I don’t”), move on to the next player.

If the answer is yes (“Yes, I do!”), have them place the domino so that the matching vehicles overlap, making a chain. That player then asks the following player if they have the next vehicle in the chain, and so on until one player wins by getting rid of all of their dominos.

If nobody has the next vehicle in the chain, start from the opposite end of the chain (i.e. the first domino) and reverse the play order. Continue as above. If no dominos can be played, the game is a tie.