Tic-Tac-BOO! Game

A flexible tic-tac-toe style game for practicing almost any target vocabulary or grammar point, with a fun Halloween flair!

Prepare the Game: Glue the backing sheets to the backs of the pieces, cut out the pieces, and laminate them for reuse. If you wish to play the simplest form of the game, prepare the tic-tac-BOO! grid by joining the two halves and laminating the completed grid.

Play the Game: For the children, the object of the game is to get three in a row. For the teacher, the object of the game is to get the children to practice vocabulary and grammar.

If necessary, group children into two teams, and give each a set of game pieces. On the floor or table, lay out flashcards or some other visualization of your desired target language in a 3x3 grid. Players or teams take turns placing their pieces in the style of tic-tac-toe by saying the target language associated with the flashcard, image, or picture until one player or team gets three in a row. Target language may be simple vocabulary, e.g. “Dog,” “Cat,” “Fish,” etc. or full sentences, e.g. “The dog is under the bench,” “The cat is behind the fence,” etc. depending on what you would like to practice and the grid you have made.

Alternate Simple Version: Simply play tic-tac-toe using the tic-tac-BOO! grid in the resource pack.