Spooky Spooky – Halloween Songs for Kids

Spooky Spooky

Spooky Spooky features easy-to-learn original songs and several classic songs with a twist, such as “The Halloween Bus” (Wheels on the Bus) and “Spooky Spooky” (Hokey Pokey).

With little preparation, children are able to start singing and dancing along almost immediately.

Perfect for Halloween lessons, parties, and events!

*Click on song titles to view teacher’s videos, lyrics, resources, and more for each individual song.

Click Title for More Info Preview Song Description
01. Spooky Spooky Intro
Introduction / background music.
02. H.A.L.L.O.W.E.E.N.
Spelling / Halloween characters and actions.
03. Pumpkin Pumpkin
Halloween vocabulary.
04. Trick or Treating
I see a… / actions.
05. Knock Knock Knock
I’m a (Halloween costumes).
06. Spooky Spooky
Hokey Pokey Halloween style.
07. Let’s Count!
Numbers and Halloween vocabulary.
08. Three Scary Spiders
Numbers and prepositions.
09. I Wanna Be Scary
I want to be / Halloween costumes.
10. Happy Halloween
Actions song.
11. Skeleton Skeleton
Actions song and body parts.
12. Witch’s Stew
I want… / Halloween vocabulary.
13. Five Little Spooky Ghosts
Numbers and prepositions.
14. Spooky Spooky (Remix)
Hokey Pokey Halloween style.
15. The Halloween Bus
Wheels on the bus Halloween style.
16. The Hearse Song
Classic Halloween song / background music.
17. Spooky Spooky Instrumental
Background music.