Sing and Learn Yellow

Sing and Learn Yellow features fun and easy-to-learn songs for kindergarten, elementary age children, and the ESL/EFL classroom. Works best with children 5 to 8 years old.

Sing and Learn Yellow makes learning abstract concepts (such as prepositions), hard-to-remember vocabulary, and longer sentence patterns easy and fun. Children and parents love our silly twist on classic songs and catchy original tunes. Corresponding teacher/classroom videos, activity sheets, coloring pages, lesson ideas and more are available right here in our resource library.

*Click on song titles to view teachers’ videos, lyrics, resources, and more for each individual song.

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01. How Are You Today?
Hello Song + Feelings.
02. Make a Circle
Learn Shapes.
03. What Color Is It? #1
Learn Fruit and Colors.
04. Let’s Make a Salad
Learn Vegetable Vocabulary. (Sing and Play)
05. How Many Fingers?
Numbers and Counting.
06. The Zoo
Learn Zoo Animals.
07. Big, Little
Learn Adjectives.
08. What Can You Do?
Verbs + I can.
09. Bugs
Learn Bugs Vocabulary.
10. On, In, Under
Prepositions of Place
11. Fast, Slow
Learn Adjectives
12. Ten Fat Sausages
Numbers and Counting
13. Banana Tree
Prepositions of Place + I see.
14. Aquarium
Learn Aquarium Animals
15. Every Day
Verbs + Every Day
16. Vehicles
Learn Vehicle Vocabulary
17. Rock, Paper, Scissors
I Can Make.
18. Clothes
Clothes + He/She Is Wearing.
19. I’m Thirsty #1
Drinks + I Am Thirsty.
20. Jelly Beans
I Like + There Is/There Are.
21. The Hokey Pokey
Learn Body Parts
22. Time to Say Goodbye
Goodbye Song with Actions
23. How Are You Today? #2
Hello Song + Feelings
24. What Color Is It? #2
Learn Fruit + Colors
25. I’m Thirsty #2
Drinks + I’m Thirsty.