Sing and Learn Yellow

Sing and Learn Yellow features fun and easy-to-learn songs for kindergarten, elementary age children, and the ESL/EFL classroom. Works best with children 5 to 8 years old.

Sing and Learn Yellow makes learning abstract concepts (such as prepositions), hard-to-remember vocabulary, and longer sentence patterns easy and fun. Children and parents love our silly twist on classic songs and catchy original tunes. Corresponding teacher/classroom videos, activity sheets, coloring pages, lesson ideas and more are available right here in our resource library.

*Click on song titles to view teachers’ videos, lyrics, resources, and more for each individual song.

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01. How Are You Today? #1
Hello Song + Feelings.
02. Make a Circle
Learn Shapes.
03. What Color Is It? #1
Learn Fruit and Colors.
04. Let’s Make a Salad
Learn Vegetable Vocabulary. (Sing and Play)
05. How Many Fingers?
Numbers and Counting.
06. The Zoo
Learn Zoo Animals.
07. Big/Little
Learn Adjectives.
08. What Can You Do?
Verbs + I can.
09. Bugs
Learn Bugs Vocabulary.
10. On In Under
Prepositions of Place
11. Fast/Slow
Learn Adjectives
12. Ten Fat Sausages
Numbers and Counting
13. Banana Tree
Prepositions of Place + I see.
14. Aquarium
Learn Aquarium Animals
15. Every Day
Verbs + Every Day
16. Vehicles
Learn Vehicle Vocabulary
17. Rock, Paper, Scissors
I Can Make.
18. Clothes
Clothes + He/She Is Wearing.
19. I’m Thirsty #1
Drinks + I Am Thirsty.
20. Jelly Beans
I Like + There Is/There Are.
21. The Hokey Pokey
Learn Body Parts
22. Time to Say Good Bye
Goodbye Song with Actions
23. How Are You Today? #2
Hello Song + Feelings
24. What Color Is It? #2
Learn Fruit + Colors
25. I’m Thirsty #2
Drinks + I’m Thirsty.