Is He…? Game

Is He…? Game

A great way to practice asking and answering questions about feelings and talking about third persons.

This game accompanies The Feelings Song from Sing and Play Blue.

Prepare the Game: Print out two sets. Glue the backing sheets to the back of the feelings sheets, cut out each feelings card, and laminate them for durability.

Play the Game: Set one set of the feelings cards out face-up in the middle of the play area. Have one player secretly choose a card from the second set of feelings cards. Other players then take turns asking questions, e.g. “Is he hungry?” while the secret card holder answers, “Yes, he is,” or, “No, he isn’t,” according to the card they’re holding.

If the answer is “No, he isn’t,” then the face-up card on the table that matches the question is turned upside-down. If the answer is “Yes, he is,” then the player who asked that question gets a point. First player to ten points wins!

Note: You may choose to play the game with yourself as the permanent question answerer, or you can have the kids take turns themselves, either going clockwise or having the player that answered the last question correctly become the answerer for the next round.