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I’m Thirsty Game

I'm Thirsty Game

1. Make the Die: Cut the bottom off of two milk or juice cartons and slide them into each other, creating a box. Glue on the die cut-outs. Use clear tape as a protective layer and to strengthen the die.

2. Prepare the Cards: Cut out and (if possible) laminate the cards.

3. Play the Game: Each player begins with as a set of drink cards. Take turns rolling the die. When a player rolls the die, he or she says the target language (such as, “I want water”) that matches the picture on the die and then removes that card from his or her set. If a player does not have a card to match the die, the player says, “I’m not thirsty,” and passes the die to the next player.

If a player rolls the lucky card, he or she may choose any card from their set, say the target language, and remove the card.

The first player to have no cards is the winner.

Options and Suggestions:

After the children say the target language, you can have the them pretend to drink the beverage on the card before they remove it from their set. This can help reinforce the meaning of, “I want…”.

You may also play the game in reverse. The teacher (or dealer) starts with all of the cards. When a player rolls the die and says, “I want milk,” the teacher gives a milk card to the player. In this case, the first player to collect all of the drink cards in a set (5 cards total) wins.

Make up your own rules and or use your own target language! If you do, please contact us and let us know how you play; we can add additional rules and directions on our website to share with other teachers!