I’m Hungry Wheel

I'm Hungry Wheel

A great way to practice food names and simple sentence structures.

This game accompanies the I’m Hungry song from Sing and Play Purple.

Prepare the Game: Cut out and laminate the food wheel and spinner. Affix the spinner to the center of the wheel with a split pin. Print out one food item grid for each player and hand them out.

Play the Game: Each child takes turns spinning the wheel and putting a chip on the matching food item on their item card. The first player to “eat” all the foods is the winner.

Use the children’s turns as opportunities to engage them with language. For younger children, simply saying the food name is enough, but try to engage able children with sentences such as, “I’m hungry! I want _____!” or, “What do you want to eat?/I want to eat _____!” or any other target language you can think of.