I’m Hungry (Fruit) Game

This game accompanies the What Color Is It? song from Sing and Learn Yellow.

Prepare the Game: Make the die by cutting some thick card stock or old milk cartons into six squares. Glue the fruit die pictures onto the squares and tape them together to form a cube. Make the cards by gluing the backing sheets to the card sheets, cutting out the cards, and laminating them for durability.

Play the Game: Give one set of cards to each student, and have them place the cards face-up in front of them. Have the students take turns rolling the die and practicing some target language concerning the fruit they rolled, such as, “I’m hungry, _____ please,” or, “I’m hungry, I want a _____, please.” After the student has said the target sentence, have them flip over the relevant card and pass the die to the next student. The “Lucky!” option means they can use any fruit they want. The first student to turn over all of their cards wins.