Food Lotto Game

Food Lotto Game

A fun game for practicing food names.

This game accompanies the Let’s Make a Sandwich song from Sing and Play Purple.

Prepare the Game: Glue copies of the backing sheet to the backs of the game pieces sheets and game board sheets to make them more sturdy and cut out the game pieces.

Play the Game: Stack the game pieces face-down in the center of the playing area and pass out the game boards. Play can proceed clockwise or counterclockwise.

Players take turns drawing a card from the center deck. Have the players say the name of the food item they draw when they see what it is. If the player’s game board has that item on it, they place the game piece on top of it. If the player does not have the item on their game board, they discard the piece face-up next to the center stack.

The next player may then draw their next game piece from the center stack or take the top card from the discard pile, following the remaining steps above.

Play continues until one player has Bingo (a whole row) on their game board.