Feelings Masks Game

A fun game for practicing feelings and emotions.

This game accompanies the H.A.P.P.Y. song from Sing and Play Purple.

6 feelings: happy, angry, hungry, sick, sad, scared.

Prepare the Game: Cut out the feelings masks, and laminate them for durability. You can mount them on chopsticks or straws to give the masks handles, or leave them as they are and simply use your hands.

Play the Game: Start off by introducing each feeling to your kids by holding them in front of your own face. Have the children ask, “How are you (today)?” Respond with, “I’m _____,” using the feeling of the mask you’re holding and miming the emotion. Then give the mask to one of your children and ask them, “How are you (today)?” They should respond with “I’m _____,” using the feeling of the mask they’re holding and miming the emotion. Pass the mask down the line, and have each child ask and answer the same question. Repeat with each mask.

Next, give each child a mask and ask them, “Are you _____?” Have the children answer, “Yes, I am,” or, “No, I’m not.”

When your kids know how to ask and answer feelings questions, you can play a free-form game where kids walk around the room asking each other, “How are you (today)?” and answering, “I’m _____,” miming their masks’ feelings. Or you can play a game where each child holds a mask behind their back and walks around the room asking other children, “Are you _____?” and answering with, “Yes, I am,” or, “No, I’m not.” If the answer is, “Yes, I am,” the mask is given to the asker. The child who collects the most masks in the given time wins.