Country Bingo Game

A great way to introduce your students to the countries and nations of the world.

Prepare the Game: Print out several copies of the PDF, glue the backing sheets to the other sides of the game piece pages, and cut out the game pieces along the guidelines. Note that you will need at least nine (9) game pieces per player. You will also need to print out a set of the Country Flag Flashcards. Locate the 16 flashcards that are on the bingo sheet: Canada, India, Korea, Italy, Germany, France, America, China, Mexico, Russia, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Kenya, Thailand, and Turkey.

Play the Game: Pass out nine (9) game pieces to each player, and have them arrange the pieces face-up in a 3x3 grid (like a traditional bingo card). Play continues as in traditional bingo, with students flipping over the cards they have until one of them has three-in-a-row.

It is a good idea to incorporate target language into the reveal aspect of the game, e.g. having the students ask you, “Where are you from?” and replying with, “I’m from _____,” filling in the blank with the country you are revealing.