All Through the Town Game

All Through the Town Game

A fun game for practicing shopping and places vocabulary, numbers, colors, or whatever you want!

This game accompanies the Let’s Go Shopping song from Sing and Play Purple.

Build the Game Board: Tape or glue the four game board sheets together to form one complete game board. Consider laminating the board for extra durability.

Build the Game Pieces: Cut out the game pieces and glue them to bottle caps or pieces of card stock.

Build the Die: Build a cube by cutting the bottoms off of two milk cartons and gluing them together. Cut out the die faces and glue one to each side.

Play the Game: Lay out the board and have your children select their game pieces. Each player will take turns rolling the die and moving their pieces according to what they roll:

  • Green Light: Move forward three spaces.
  • Yellow Light: Move forward two spaces.
  • Red Light: Move forward one space.
  • Stop Sign: Do not move.
  • Police: Move back one space.
  • Wild: Move forward four spaces.

Have your children count out the spaces they move, or ask them to tell you which number space they’re on, which color they’re on, which places are nearby, or any other target language you can think of. If your kids are at a high enough level, ask them what they might find or buy at the places nearby.

The game ends when one player has reached the Goal.