Maple Leaf Learning

Franchise Opportunity Available!

Run Your Own School and Become Your Own Boss.

Start Your Own Maple Leaf English School

We’ve been running our own schools for over 20 years. With name brand recognition, in-house curriculum and experienced support, starting your own Maple Leaf English school is a recipe for success!

Meet Franchise Director Riza Pascual

Registration for Orientation Workshop

Franchise orientation will be limited to 20 applicants. Location to be determined based on convenience and preference of applicants. 

Reservation and a non-refundable payment of ¥1500 must be completed by October 1st.

支店名 (Bank Name): 三菱UFJ銀行 (MUFG)

銀行コード (Bank Code): 0005

支店名 (Branch Name): 尾西支店

店番 (Branch Code): 114

口座科目 (Account Type): 普通

口座番号 (Account Number): 0147768

口座名義 (Account Name): Kenneth Walter King